funk not funky

My Christmas spirit is a little absent this year. I'm not in a bah humbug mood. I can't seem to get myself organized. My finances took a severe beating this fall and that has some to do with it, but not all. I'm noticing that my energy level is improving, thanks to the thyroid medication I have been taking for a couple of weeks. I feel like I'm waiting for something. But I don't have a clue what. Could be the funky weather. It's been unseasonably warm. Tomorrow is Solstice, that will start making a difference in the amount of light exposure. I need my chakras cleared. Or a pedicure.


The Gal Herself said...

The meds, the weather, the finances, the unrest in the world ... they can all contribute to your lack of spirit! A pedi might be that mood lifter that will open the floodgates and let the Christmas spirit in.

Or not.

Sometimes I think we load Christmastime up with too much. Maybe 2015 is the year you're just supposed to let it happen.

Paula said...

I am feeling much the same way. This is never my favorite time of the year!!