christmas word association

Swiped from Cat, who may or may not have swiped it from me...

First Thought That Comes To Mind When You Hear…
1. Snowflake! the storm warning for Sunday--we're supposed to get a whopper of a storm

2. North Pole! Christmas

3. Elves! Buddy

4. Sleigh! flying through the sky

5. Presents! gratitude

6. Cookies! yum

7. Mistletoe! Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me

8. Rudolph! reindeer games

9. Blizzard! Maine

10. School’s Canceled! yippee!

11. Ice Skating! weak ankles

12. Santa’s Lap! my great nephew, Eli, meeting Santa for the first time

13. Black Friday! I'd rather shop online

14. Melting Snow! yasss

15. Carols! singing

16. Lumps of Coal! an adorable knitting pattern I have

17. Nutcracker! sort of creepy

18. Ho Ho Ho! jolly laughter

1 comment:

Cat. said...

I've no doubt your my source for this originally. ;-)

And yeah, The Nutcracker is pretty creepy. Those mice.... (and I like mice!)....