sunday stealing

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Sunday Stealing: Cookie Meme
  1. Are any of your friendships on a fine line? 
  2. not presently
  3.  Have you ever witnessed a birth? 
  4. no
  5. Where’s your favorite place to be when you feel depressed? 
  6. in my comfy chair
  7. Are you currently looking forward to tomorrow? 
  8. a visit with my hair goddess
  9. When was the last time you held someone’s hand? 
  10. it's been awhile
  11.  Have you ever faked sick? 
  12. yes!
  13. Are you currently wearing jeans? 
  14. I am
  15.  Have you gone to a coffee shop within the past week? [i.e. Starbucks] 
  16. I go to Dunkin' Donuts daily
  17. Would you like to be able to read thoughts? 
  18. NO
  19. Do certain swear words just roll off your tongue? 
  20. fuckety-fuck and shit do
  21. Are you often the last one to understand a joke? 
  22. no
  23. Can experience be gained just by reading?
  24. no, not experience
  25.  Does playing the guitar make a person more attractive? 
  26. only if they're proficient
  27.  Have you ever slept in a tent, indoors or out? 
  28. I used to have my own tent (it's hard to believe now)
  29. What does your hair look like at the moment? 
  30. kind of limply messy
  31. Are you mad right now? 
  32. I'm very chill
  33. Who did you spend your summer with last year? 
  34. a lot of friends and family!!
  35. Did you eat a cookie today?
  36. no, but I did have a fun size snickers


Cat. said...

For whatever reason, I simply can't picture you saying either of those swear words.


CountryDew said...

Those are good swear words. I have those roll off my tongue with ease. Oddly, I seldom use swear words when I write.

I am Harriet said...

I love a good hair goddess :)

Stacy said...

Hold tightly to your hair goddess! I've come to believe we only get so many of them in a lifetime...which is totally NOT fair.

The Gal Herself said...

Very few salons around here are open on Monday. So I'm jealous.

Parul said...

Hair Goddess? Sounds like an appointment to look forward to :)
And Snickers - I too have it with me mostly of the times.