saturday 9

Black Is Black

1) Black is this week's signature color because Friday, November 27, was "Black Friday," when retailers cut their prices and consumers flock to the stores. Did you score any "Black Friday" bargains? I did, but it wasn't really during the frenzy.

2) WalMart, Best Buy, Toys R Us and Target have all heavily advertised their "Black Friday" sales. If you could have a $50 gift card to one of those stores, which would choose? What would you spend the $50 on? Target--I could spend it on anything at Target

3) Star Wars items are predicted to be big sellers this Black Friday. Are you a big sci-fi fan? Are there any sci-fi fans on your holiday gift list? I am not a sci-fi fan, although I do enjoy Star Wars (the originals), and there are some sci-fi fans on my holiday gift list, I geeked out getting stuff for them

4) Feasting and football are also popular Thanksgiving weekend pastimes. Do your Thursday-Sunday plans include pigging out or watching a game? not really for either--I didn't pig out and I'm binge watching Jane the Virgin

5) At Thanksgiving dinners, Crazy Sam's homemade is always a hit. (Probably because she's so generous with the cognac, which gives the gravy a nutty taste.) Do you have a signature dish? nothing meal related, more my fudge and candies

6) What did you give thanks for on Thanksgiving 2015? my loving family and friends--my wonderful and blessed life

7) Monday is Cyber Monday, when shoppers can save big online. Do you shop confidently over the Internet, or do you worry about security breaches and identity theft? I shop online from reputable businesses and hope that everything's safe

8) This week's featured band, Los Bravos, was international. Their members came from both Germany and Spain. If you could travel to any foreign country in the world, which would you choose? I would love to go back to Ireland

9) The band's name, Los Bravos, can be translated to mean, "The Brave." Do you consider yourself gutsy? yes, at times I am


The Gal Herself said...

Fudge. I want fudge.

Anonymous said...

ooh another fudge maker! yum!

i think ireland is another place i'd want to include on my europe trip! i hadn't really thought of it before, but i'm starting to hear so many nice things about there!

CountryDew said...

You know that fudge and candies are the things people only eat the other stuff to get to, don't you? You make the most important part of the meal!

Angel The Alien said...

Fudge is a good thing to be good at making! I've tried it and it came out grainy. I love fudge so much!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Teachers are Trés gutsy in my book. I know this from personal experience. So, I'll bet you've been in your time, and are.

I must watch that show! The flix has it, yay!

Now I want some fudge. See what you did? heehee

Lisa said...

YEY! You're binging on Jane! WOOO HOO! Do you like it? I feel like I go to another world when I watch it - a world that makes me happy. :)