sunday stealing

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Sunday Stealing: That Alphabet Thing Meme

A: Accent -- Northeast New England
B: Breakfast -- usually a granola bar
C: Chore you hate -- putting clean stuff away
D: Dad's name -- Dad
E: Essential everyday item -- Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee
F: Flavor ice cream -- Ben & Jerry's Tonight Dough
G: Gold or silver -- silver
H: Hometown -- PI
I: Insomnia -- frequently
J: Job title -- social studies teacher
K: Kids -- none of my own
M: Mother's birthplace -- Sinclair, Maine
N: Number of significant others -- I've had 4 major relationships
O: Overnight hospital stays -- 1
P: Phobia -- my parents deaths
Q: Quick at -- brainstorming
R: Religious affiliation -- none
S: Siblings -- three older sisters
T: Time you wake up -- around 5:40 am
U: Unnatural hair colors -- none
V: Vegetable you refuse to eat -- beets
W: Worst habit -- freaking out about inconsequential stuff (I appear outwardly calm)
X: X-rays -- teeth most recently
Y: Yummy -- whoopie pies
Z: Zodiac sign -- Scorpio


  1. I use to have the same phobia. And then it happened. I guess it was easier to deal with since I had thought about it happening so often.

  2. Trader Joe's has the most awesome, most LETHAL ice cream whoopy pie for fall -- pumpkin/ginger/ice cream. (You've been warned.)

  3. I think "beets" are winning the 'food I won' eat' question!

  4. I think Bev's right, it's beets.
    Your hair color sounds perfect.
    And now there are whoopie pies to be considered , hmmmm? It's Gal's fault!

  5. Your worst habit? I do that, too. Everyone is always telling me how they admire how calm I am under stress....they really should experience what's happening on the inside. They'd probably have me committed! LOL