friday 5

  1. Where do you rank October among the twelve months of the year?
  2. the top! I LOVE October!
  3. What time is the sun coming up where you live, and how does it affect your life or schedule?
  4. it's dark out when I get up
  5. How do you manage to get enough fresh air and exercise in bad-weather months?
  6. shoveling snow
  7. Holidays and weather aside, what are the best and worst things about the autumn months?
  8. my birthday and the glorious colors
  9. What are some good songs for the soundtrack of the season?
  10. it's got to include Earth, Wind & Fire's September


Cat. said...

The snow-shoveling ...jeez, yeah. ;-)

Kimberly @ kimberussell.com said...

Oh geez. I guess I'll be shoveling snow this year too. I guess I should buy a shovel!