well i never...

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I never _______________.

I never pay my rent on time. I never pump my own gas. I never flip my mattress. I never use coupons when I shop in stores. I never blow dry my hair.


The Gal Herself said...

Why don't you pay your rent on time? You've mentioned living in the same apt forever. Do they just expect you to pay late?

Lisa G said...

Interesting. I found the rent one and the gas one fascinating. A) because my landlord is 2 times zones a way, I am so terrified of paying my rent late that I fed-ex it to her so it's there before the 1st and B) there isn't a single "someone pumps it for you" gas station anywhere that I might think of getting gas in this state. It's strictly pump your own around here.

I never blow dry my hair either. Since forever. Why would I? It's straight as a pin on it's own, LOL!!