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Where would you like to go?

This question is hitting me when I have a case of wanderlust. I would like to go to Europe: Ireland, France, Italy, and a few other places are calling to me. I don't mind traveling alone, either. But what I would really reallyreally like is to take a sister trip--to anywhere, but the four of us at any destination where we don't have to be caretakers of others so that we can focus on us. Of course, I would love to go to Disney for this trip but reconsidering the whys of the trip, I realized I want us to be together and that's most important. I would also like to go to New York to see my friend John Cariani in the Broadway play Something Rotten. I might be able to swing that trip before his run ends in April. I would also like to go on a coastal leaf peeping trip. Staying at cozy bed and breakfasts and enjoying the scenic views. Maine is spectacular for that. Maybe I'll do that over my Harvest Break, because I don't think I can financially swing a trip to visit my Pennsylvania and Virginia sisters this fall. Gah. Being an adult is the pits sometimes!

I am, however, planning to go to Orono over the weekend to visit my niece at college. Her mother and I are taking a road trip! That might slake my thirst for travel a little.


katie eggeman said...

Now that I live where the season and leaves change, I am not so set on doing New England in Fall. I just want to go....hang the leaves.

Unknown said...

I'd love a Christmas in England. Or Germany.

Paula said...

Colorado when the Aspens turn is where I would like to go!

The Gal Herself said...

I've heard such wonderful things about Something Rotten! I hope you get there.