the perfect day

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What went perfectly about your day?

Today is Constitution Day! And I loved my lesson plan for the day--I split my classes into small groups and gave each group the Preamble to the Constitution then they had to discuss the prompt "How does the Constitution help America become a more perfect union?" After they processed with their groups, they had to write their own answer to the prompt. I had them condense their answers to 140 characters (a la Twitter) which proved a challenging task. But the real fun was when I had them present their Tweet-style summaries with drama and flair. The kids got into it and it was a hoot. They had some awesome insights. I was excited by how well each class handled the process. We did some heavy duty critical skills thinking!


Lisa G said...

Allison, I just gotta say--I would have fought my way through my entire school (senior class of 700, so like 2800 people) to have you as my teacher. Your students are so lucky to have you. Teach on, super-teacher. Teach on. :)

The Gal Herself said...

What Lisa G. said. I admire how much care you put into your work, and how much joy you take in the response you get.