go go gadget!

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What is your favorite gadget?

My favorite gadget is my Nook Glow Light. It is my dedicated e-reader with side lighting, as opposed to back lighting so it's easier on my eyes. It's light, portable, holds a battery charge for a long time, and is my constant companion. I was resistant to the change from physical books to ebooks. I didn't think I would like the newfangled device. By now, though, I can't imagine reading a physical book. I read a lot in bed and hated big bulky books (I'm looking at you--Stephen King 11/22/63) falling in my face. Now I don't even think twice about the size of the book--the number of pages. Also, I read faster on the Nook. And I retain what I read better. Not sure what that says about the wiring in my brain, but there it is. I think falling in love with my Nook is what has led me down this path of gadgetry.

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