ten things tuesday

Linking up with Ten On Tuesday this week.

This week's topic is 10 Ways To Have Fun on the Internet. (Noodling around in the archives)

1) Memes. I love taking silly surveys and creating lists.

2) Reading blogs. My blogroll keeps me on my toes!

3) Ravelry. The online knitting/crochet community. I love the friends I've made through the various groups I've joined.

4) Pinterest. I wish I could get Professional Development credit for the hours I spend investigating sites and sources I find there.

5) Facebook. Chatting with my sisters and their kids is the best part of Facebook!

6) Netflix. What's not to love??

7) Goodreads. Tracking my reading progress is helpful and motivating. I love hearing about new books and making book friends.

8) Twitter. The educational chats are inspiring. And the snarky stuff is hilarious.

9) Instagram. It has made me a better photographer.

10) YouTube. So many amazing (and weird) videos out there! I've learned a lot about knitting, computing, and have discovered some clever videos for my classroom.

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Paula said...

I haven't gotten too much into Twitter. I loved your list