ten things tuesday

Linking up with Ten On Tuesday this week.

This week's topic is 10 Things You Love About Visiting the Country.

An interesting topic since I live in the country--but these are things I like about it:

1) The pace. Four cars in a line are considered traffic.

2) The views. I try to be mindful about the beautiful fields and rolling hills I see on my drive to school every day.

3) The animals. I've seen beautiful foxes, bears, moose, deer, rabbits, and others I can't think of right now. Not to mention the birds--eagles, owls, and more!

4) The air. It's not smoggy.

5) The night sky. There aren't many city lights to interfere with the views. The night sky goes on forever. And seeing aurora borealis is amazing!

6) The space. You can be miles apart from neighbors, or you can live nearby. There's space for all!

7) The quaint towns. So many townships and towns along the way. Almost all have active historical societies.

8) The quiet. I was house-sitting on the outskirts of town and realized how quiet it is just a mile from where I live in the heart of town.

9) The neighbors. When I go places, people know who I am or at least recognize and acknowledge me. And I do the same. It's one big ol' neighborhood. Sometimes that bugs me but overall it's a draw.

10) The internet. It connects me to the greater world, so I can enjoy the privileges of modern conveniences even though I live hours from the nearest city.

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Lily Whalen said...

Great answers. There's much to love about life in the country, even though it's not something I've personally experienced.