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Do you like to talk about what you read? Do you have somebody to talk WITH? From the archives.

I love talking about books! I'll talk books with anyone! Currently, I have been a member of the Lunch Bunch Reading Group (a gang of us at school) for at least fifteen years. It's the most consistent group I'm in. We meet monthly, and every member of the group selects a month to act as host and discussion leader, setting our slate for the year in the back-to-school meeting. I've fallen into the role of secretary for the group, typing up the slate of books along with host duties flyer, monthly email reminders, coordinating if any schedule changes need to occur.

And in June, my local library started a contemporary fiction book group. I joined and enjoy the books we selected so far. It's flexible in book selections and last month, I was asked to facilitate the discussion (which was a challenge because only two of us had read the book). Once I got over worrying about spoilers, the discussion flowed and we had a good discussion in a more general sense of location, place, characters and plot. I hope people read the book for August's gathering.

What I enjoy about being in a group is reading outside my usual genres--stepping out of my comfort zone. I've read books I never would have picked up. Some months I don't even finish the book, but I always attend (I think I've missed two of the LBRG at school). Sometimes it's more fun to NOT enjoy the book and to discuss what was the turn off.

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