friday 5

Hard Time

  1. What’s the story of someone you know who has spent time in prison?
  2. I don't know anyone in prison, however, jail time was drunk-driving related
  3. What is the most official trouble you’ve ever been in?
  4. I was stopped at a State Trooper road block
  5. What’s the last program you binge-watched?
  6. The Casual Vacancy on HBO
  7. What would be good prison nicknames for a few people you know?
  8. Bubba, The Cardinal, Her Majesty
  9. Of the usual prison jobs (library, electrical shop, laundry, cafeteria, gardener, clerical, etc.), which would you ask to be assigned to? Feel free to be creative!
  10. hopefully the library!!!


zippiknits...sometimes said...

Goodness! What great prison names. Her Majesty especially. lol

The Gal Herself said...

#4 sounds like a most unsavory person.

Cat. said...

We'll be library trustees together!! :-)