time flies

The week has flown by! I planned special days for both of my Virginia nieces and they were fantastic, memorable days! One day, I took the older girl to lunch and then we poked around at little Main Street shops and talked non-stop. That's the best part, the talking. We have so much in common and the conversation flows. The next day, I had made arrangements for my younger girl to go to a colleague's family farm. My niece is really interested in farming and 4H and she got a chance to talk with a student of mine who shows his steers and has earned quite a bit of money with his successes. The farm visit was a huge hit! We went to a country-themed restaurant for lunch and then went to Tractor Supply store (which I felt very out of place at). We finished the day with a trip to the local dairy bar and a visit to the John Deere store.

My sister and I didn't even get a chance to play our years-long grudge match of Spite and Malice, but I did get to play cards with my nieces. Lots of laughter. Lots of laughter!!! But I just can't believe the week is over.

Seriously, though, the older I get the more my sisters are my best friends.

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Terri D said...

Sisters are THE BEST!! So glad you had such a good time with your nieces. Making memories and all the fun and love are so important!