ten things tuesday

Because my Virginia sister and her family are visiting here this week, I'm going to write about ten things I'm doing or have done this week:

1) I'm taking both of my nieces out for one-on-one time. Lunch, some special activity, and good old-fashioned quality time!

2) Lunch at Cafe Sorpreso, my favorite place for lunch!

3) Playing Spite & Malice. Our favorite card game! My sister and I have had an epic grudge match going since 1986!

4) Hanging out with my parents and local sister and her kids, too!

5) Today, my sister made whoopie pies! We gobbled them up.

6) Catching up on family gossip.

7) Making plans for my fabulous birthday!

8) Road trips around the County looking for moose.

9) Trying to stay warm--this vacation isn't off to the nicest of starts, it's been windy, rainy, and cold!

10) Laughing. We laughed so hard my sides hurt.


Paula said...

Cold! It is hot as blazes here in Kansas. Enjoy your family time!

Terri D said...

Cold?!! Oh my. Where are you?!