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I love historical fiction that fleshes out the time period in question. I admit I haven't studied much about indentured servants other than the basics--that it was slavery with a time limit, time was relative--so I was interested in this novel. I didn't realize it is part of a trilogy with the first being The Widow's War. The only plot thread I didn't enjoy was the Sam Adams influence.

From the publisher:
Brought to New England and bound into servitude to pay her father's debts, Alice Cole, at fifteen, can barely remember the time when she was not a servant to John Morton. His daughter, Nabby—only three years older than Alice—begins as Alice's childhood companion, but when Nabby weds, she becomes Alice's mistress. But the marriage is not what it appears, and Alice, endangered by its storm, defies her new master and the law, and escapes to Boston. Impulsively stowing away on a ship to Satucket on Cape Cod, Alice believes that she has left her old life and her secrets behind. Yet in a time of unrest and uncertainty, as political and personal stakes rise and intertwine, she discovers that freedom, friendship, trust, and love each have a price far greater than she ever imagined.

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Sounds interesting. I'll add it to my TBR pile. :)