Today's the day. I've had it. I am tired of students taking advantage of my good nature. I am tired of people at school constantly asking me for everything. I am tired of my schedule being tinkered with. I am tired of having to be flexible and not make waves. I am tired of the stress. I am tired of students complaining. I am tired of being treated like a convenience store.

There. It's out of my system. I can move along.


Paula said...

I don't blame you one bit! You should be treated better. Tell them!! Today was my kiddos last day of school. Yikes!

katie eggeman said...

It's almost over for another summer, hang in there. "Having to be flexible and not make waves," was the hardest for me in that last few months before I retired.

Unknown said...

I'll be that was cathartic! Summer's right around the corner. Hang in there, and resolve that you'll be flexible, but not pliable, in the next school year :)