ten things tuesday

Ten things about today:

1) This class is having a study hall since several students are taking another AP test. I enjoy this group so much. I hate to see them graduate. I had almost all of them when they were sophomores so I know them well. It's been a fun year.

2) I started planning backward--from final exams to Memorial weekend to now. The end is near.

3) It's rainy and dreary. But, the leaves are going to pop!

4) I got an email from a friend I haven't heard from in a few weeks. It was weird that he abruptly stopped corresponding, so it's nice to be in touch again.

5) I like my outfit today. I've gotten tons of compliments.

6) My hair is a frizzy mess today.

7) I want to knit.

8) I don't want to finish Parks & Rec. I've enjoyed binge watching and will be sad when I catch up with the current season.

9) The policy review committee is meeting after school today to revisit the cell phone use policy. I think we'll also be reviewing the food/drinks in class policy. I hate that we have policies that I have to enforce that I really don't care about. Not only do I not care, being forced to enforce takes away from my teaching time.

10) I think I have to stop at the market on my way home. I think I might be out of spoons and forks for lunch. Blah. It's raining! I just want to go home.


Paula said...

It is sad that we have to have the rules for students but they are just not able to leave those darn cell phones in their pockets! I have had days that I make mine leave theirs at home so they can concentrate on school!!

Lisa said...

See, even with your frizzy hair, you look super! :) I am not a fan of humidity and since my hair grows out and not down, I always end up looking like Bozo. Dammit.

The Gal Herself said...

I know how you feel about P&R, even though I don't watch it. I am sadder over the end of Mad Men than I thought I'd be. I'm happy for Matthew Weiner that he's been able to maintain the quality and that he'll finish Don Draper's saga exactly as he wanted to. But now I'm wondering what will happen to Peggy? Will Sally be OK? A well done show can really burrow under our skins.