ten things tuesday

Ten random things on my mind:

1) I have a sore finger. My right ring finger. I can't tell if it's knuckle or bone or what.

2) I need to figure out what to do for my 50th birthday. I doubt we can afford Disney. Sadly.

3) This Teacher Appreciation Week has been underwhelming so far.

4) We are half-way through the 4th quarter! Grades close Friday. This school year has flown by.

5) The AP Psychology exam was yesterday. Some feedback was that they felt prepared with our review activities--they were good with their time management, which is a huge deal.

6) I started working on the final presentation I have to make for the class I'm taking. Now it's a matter of coming up with a clever way of presenting. I have the information, I have the scope, now it's how to present (for fifteen minutes).

7) Since I have discovered Parks & Recreation, I'm obsessed!

8) One of my colleagues is giving a pep talk to a student on his track team and the poor girl is melting down. I think they're both uncomfortable with me in the room. Heck, I'm uncomfortable listening to them.

9) I like what I'm working on with my classes right now. I hope my students pick up on it.

10) I was invited to participate in a brainstorming session with the superintendent and curriculum director about what we would like our new principal to be like. We found out Friday that the principal resigned. I'm still shocked he's getting done (but in fairness he is perfect for the new position he accepted).


Anonymous said...

I am TOTALLY geeking out over Parks & Rec! Never really watched it when it was originally on, but I'm now hooked it. I love Andy and April!!!!

Terri D said...

Hope your finger gets better and isn't a break! I also hope your students pick up on the excitement! Nice to be included in the brainstorming session. Hope you get a good Principal.