friday 5


  1. What experience have you with canoes, kayaks, and rowboats?
  2. very limited--I'm not a boat person
  3. What experience have you with ping pong?
  4. I think I had a semester of college where I majored in ping pong, I played so often
  5. If you were spanked as a kid, which of your parents’ implements did you fear most?
  6. the raised voice
  7. What experience have you with live auctions?
  8. none, but I've always wanted to attend one
  9. When were you last up a creek without a paddle?
  10. oh boy... luckily it's been awhile, I can't even remember

1 comment:

Paula said...

My mom used to 'spank' with a fly swatter. I definitely feared that. Love playing ping pong but it has been years! I love going to live auctions but I always got carried away and ended up paying too much. Richard was always the one with the paddle so I couldn't over-pay! LOL!