friday 5

  1. What’s the coolest of the extinct animal species?
  2. Quokka from Australia are endangered and are adorable
  3. What classification (however you want to define that) of human being seems to be an endangered species?
  4. the middle class is shrinking
  5. How do you feel about the disappearance of the neighborhood video rental store?
  6. I thought about this the other day--I miss interacting with people to talk about movies
  7. What’s an older technology that you consider better than a newer technology that’s replaced it?
  8. I'm not so sure that computers in cars are a good thing--if the computer goes, so does the car, even if the car is running fine
  9. What no-longer-available snack item do you miss most?
  10. Ben & Jerry's Wavy Gravy *sigh*



Terri D said...

Good answers!! I skipped the meme because my brain was not functioning well enough to answer four out of five of these! You did great!

Paula said...

You are so right about the middle class. Scary too, isn't it?

zippiknits...sometimes said...

I agree about the middle class. It's going to disappear for my family in one generation.