friday 5

March 24th was the 30th anniversary of The Breakfast Club, one of my favorite movies. These questions are inspired by that film.

  1. When you were seventeen, how did you spend most of your Saturdays?
  2. Usually sleeping in and getting ready to hang out with my friends or babysit at night
  3. What was your high school locker like?
  4. it was pretty organized, I had organized stacks
  5. When did you last have to replace a missing screw?
  6. I lost a screw in my desk and the drawer handle fell off about a month ago
  7. What was the last thing you drank out of a Thermos?
  8. I don't remember
  9. Do you still possess anything you created in high school (say, an elephant lamp that lights up when pull the trunk)?
  10. I have some of my writing that I saved, and a partial scrap book


Terri D said...

I always see this Friday meme too late. I should copy it and do it on Monday, instead! I post a day ahead and schedule it to publish the next day. I don't even remember my locker from high school....gheesh!

Paula said...

I usually had to clean house on Saturdays. We slept in if mom did! I don't remember having a locker in high school! Isn't that funny? The last missing screw for me ??? I haven't yet replaced it! Loved reading your list

zippiknits...sometimes said...

My mother taught organization at an early age, so the locker at school was organized. She was gentle but good at these things. lol Writings are probably the most important things to have saved. It's one of the best windows into a young self.