sunday stealing

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Sunday Stealing: Colorful Meme?

Could you tell me please, what color each of these things is?
~ Your hair: strawberry blonde
~ Your eyes: dark green hazel
~ Your shirt: multicolor--blue and brown
~ Your socks: dark blue
~ Your shoes: none
~ Your purse: two tones of tan
~ Your wallet: bright green paisley
~ Your phone: white
~ Your computer/laptop: black
~ Your earphones: black
~ Your best friend’s hair: "blonde"
~ Your best friend’s eyes: blue
~ Your sky today: blue and sunny with puffy clouds (finally!!)


CountryDew said...

"Casey would waltz with a strawberry blond, and the band played on. He'd glide 'cross the floor with the girl he adored, and the band played on. His brain was so loaded it nearly exploded, the poor girl would shake with alarm. He married the girl with the strawberry curls and the band played on." Sorry, I'm not even sure where that is from, something I memorized in elementary school, I think. And yes, I am quite ready for spring. I'm sure you are too.

I am Harriet said...

I love puffy clouds. They always look so cool

zippiknits...sometimes said...

What a beautiful hair and eye color combination. And, glad you got some blue skies because you've had a ton of snow clouds this winter.

Paula said...

Red hair with green eyes. I am green with envy!!