saturday 9

A Sleepin' Bee

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1) This song is about the wonder of first love. How would you describe the sensation of falling in love? giddy and then a flow

2) This 1957 album was the first Diahann Carroll ever recorded. More recently she recorded "A, You're Adorable," a nursery rhyme. (The lyrics are here.) Give us some words to a children's song that remain in your head to this day. I often have Sesame Street songs stuck in my head

3) 1957 was the peak of the Baby Boom (1946 to 1964). Are you a Boomer, a Gen X-er, a Gen Y-er, or a Millennial? I am a Gen X-er

4) In 1974, Diahann was named to the Best Coiffed Hall of Fame by the Guild of Professional Beauticians. How often do you change your look? I've had my hair in essentially the same style for twenty-something years

5) Ms. Carroll made history as Julia in the first network TV show to star a black woman. She played a nurse. Do you/have you ever worked in the healthcare profession? egads, no!

6) She also played glamorous, scheming Dominique Deveraux on the nighttime soap, Dynasty. Who is the most memorable female villain you've ever seen in a TV show or movie? Glen Close in Damages

7) Ms. Carroll began her career as a model. Her height (nearly 6' tall) is an asset in that profession. Are you pleased with your height? Or do you wish you were taller, or shorter? I wish I was taller, but I'm all right with being 5'5"

8) Now in her 80th year, she keeps on working. Recently she's appeared on TV in Grey's Anatomy and Blue Collar and on the big screen in Tyler Perry Presents Peeples. How do you feel about retirement? Is it something you enjoy or look forward to? Or would you prefer to continue working? I look forward to retirement

9) In her long movie career, Ms. Carroll has played love scenes with some very good looking men, including Sidney Poitier and Billy Dee Williams. If you could steal a kiss from any actor or actress, who would choose? George or John Stamos or John Cuzack


Diana_CT said...

I would have never guessed that you would pick George Clooney. :)

Pumpkin Delight (Kimberly) said...

Oh Damages was a good one for villain!
I with you on George and John.
And I think as teachers retirement is so welcome the longer we've been doing it.

CountryDew said...

I think you're the tallest of the Sat 9ers so far . . .

Cat. said...

Glenn Close makes good villains.
I considered George, but I figured his dance card was full over here. ;-)

(I'm 5'8")

I am Harriet said...

I can honestly say that it has been a while since I have had a Sesame Street Song stuck in my head. Of course, I probably will now...

Smellyann said...

You're tall to me!

John Stamos is YUMMY. Love him.

Totally agree with Glenn Close!