friday 5

  1. What’s your experience with firecrackers and sparklers?
  2. I don't have much experience, other than playing with sparklers when I was a kid--oh, and one year a firecracker went off about six inches from my ear and I had some trauma from that (and ringing in my ears now)
  3. What was the occasion the last time you gave someone money as a gift?
  4. a birthday gift
  5. What’s the reddest thing you own?
  6. my hair
  7. What animal represents you in the Chinese zodiac, and what qualities do you have in common with it? (this is just for fun; please don’t take it seriously)
  8. I'm a Snake: This Sign is an interesting mix of gregariousness paired with introversion, intuitive reasoning paired with savvy business skills.
  9. What’s your favorite order in a Chinese restaurant?
  10. hot and sour soup, egg rolls, lo mein or sesame chicken--but I don't eat the cookies


Paula said...

I am a rabbit...and I am so NOT a rabbit! I don't eat the cookies either. Yuck! I love that your hair is the reddest thing you own. I LOVE red hair!!!!!

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Great answer for the reddist thing in your life! By the way if you make the cookies, they taste much better - the Almond ones do anyway. My sign is Horse. Very fitting considering how much I love them.

Cynthia said...

Great post! Mmm, now I am craving egg rolls!