ten things tuesday

Linking up with Ten On Tuesday this week.

This week's topic is 10 Things You Do to Make Winter Less Bleak.

1) Fuzzy, fleece-y pajamas. With snowmen all over them. I wear them after a nice shower on snow days from school.

2) Warm towels on the radiator in the bathroom when I shower.

3) Cozy, comfy, thick, hand knit scarves and hats.

4) Thick socks.

5) Journal--or blog about how cold it is. Whining is sometimes necessary when it's colder than -25.

6) Nap.

7) Hot chocolate. Or peppermint tea.

8) Dream of vacations I've been on--I gaze at my photos from Spain or from Aruba.

9) Read beachy reads.

10) Binge watch Harry Potter movies or the Ocean's (Eleven, Twelve, or Thirteen) movies.


Bonny said...

Fleece snowmen pajamas and towels warmed on the radiator, followed by warm peppermint tea sound simply perfect! Happy Less-Bleak Winter!

Unknown said...

I like to snuggle up with my dogs and read my back log of magazines. One of my dogs is like a little furnace! I've been wearing one of thick, cozy scarves I made too.

Cynthia said...

Yes to warm socks and hot tea! And a nice soft blanket. :)