sunday stealing

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Sunday Stealing: Name Your Favorite Meme

1) Place home
2) Person George Clooney
3) Color dark green
4) Food pizza
5) Smell baking bread
6) Book All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr
7) Movie City of Angels
8) Music artist U2
9) Thing to do when bored knit, read, nap
10) Genre of literature contemporary fiction
11) Magazine People and O, The Oprah Magazine
12) Texture velvety
13) Time of day mid-morning
14) Day of the week Friday
15) Thing to learn about knitting or education
16) Thing about yourself I'm a great listener
17) Lifehack (a time saving, efficiency technique for life) put all the clean laundry away where it belongs


I am Harriet said...

I could go for some pizza right now..... :)

Terri D said...

Enjoyed your answers!! We both like green!!

ShannonW said...

Mmmmm freshly baked bread smells heavenly!

Misfit Librarian said...

Oooh fresh bread does smell amazing.