The Socratic Smackdown was a major success! After a trial run where we practiced the techniques and ironed out the scoring points and the how-tos we were ready for the real deal. And after we finished with the content questions, we processed what worked and what didn't work. Everyone was able to give specific types of feedback. And I shared my weaknesses and areas I need to improve, too. It was a huge success. We didn't get to finish with all the teams, so we'll do that on Monday, but everyone knows what to expect and is looking forward to the process.

What I liked the most was watching the kiddos sharing their content knowledge. They were bouncing ideas off each other and trying to one-up with their knowledge. It was a great opportunity for them to shine. I need to figure out how to let the more quiet people shine, too. We all agreed it was fun!

I had shared with some colleagues that I was going to try the smackdown and my nervousness. Several wished they could observe, which would have been neat. Monday I might have my formal administrative observation.

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Great job!