saturday 9

The Best Thing About Me Is You

1) What would you say is your best quality? I'm kind

2) In this song, Ricky sings that he's "allergic to tragedy." Do you suffer from any allergies? occasionally I will have itchy ears as a symptom of allergies

3) Benadryl, the popular allergy medication, is sometimes used to treat insomnia. What do you do when you can't sleep? I count my breaths

4) The lyrics to this week's song encourage us, "Don't wait until maƱana." Are you a procrastinator? about some things

5) Ricky Martin is a judge on The Voice ... Mexico, aired on Mexican television. When you watch competition shows like The Voice, Dancing with the Stars or American Idol, do you usually agree with the judges? Or do you think you could do a better job? I mostly agree, I don't think I could do a better job

6) Ricky tells interviewers that when he was very young, he'd sing in the family kitchen, pretending a wooden spoon was his microphone. Crazy Sam admits to lip synching into a black Magic Marker. When you gave imaginary concerts, what did you use as a microphone? I actually had a microphone from my tape recorder

7) Ricky began working at the tender age of 9, performing in commercials. How old were you when you received your first paycheck? well, I was a babysitter so I started early, I was probably twelve or so

8) Ricky does yoga to stay in shape. Have you ever tried yoga? I used to do a yoga for dummies type of yoga

9) Ricky is of primarily Spanish descent, with a little French mixed in. When you think of French cuisine, what comes to mind? I think of butter--yum! Actually, I think of portion sizes...


  1. I am a procrastinator who actually takes Benadryl for sleep....

  2. I think I need Yoga for Dummies... ;-

  3. Yoga for Dummies made me chuckle!! That would work for me, perhaps!! I enjoyed your answers!!

  4. I think I need Yoga for Dummies. I like the sound of that one.

  5. I never heard of counting breaths. Does it make you self conscious about how you breathe?

  6. Personally, I read when I can't sleep. But that is a double edged sword. If the book is good enough, then I want to keep reading even when I get tired enough to sleep.