friday 5


  1. What are your thoughts on balloons?
  2. I do not like toy balloons because when they pop they freak me out. I do not like mylar balloons, either. I do, however, enjoy hot air balloons and would love to go flying in one someday
  3. What has anyone said recently to inflate your ego?
  4. a colleague gave me some great, complimentary feedback
  5. What’s something that recently let the wind out of your sails?
  6. student scores on an exam
  7. What inflatable items do you have in your home?
  8. I can't think of anything
  9. Besides gasoline (because we’re all pleasantly surprised by that), what’s something whose price has been a surprise?
  10. I got free shipping on a classroom poster order I just made--that was the deal that made me order the posters!


Paula said...

I felt the wind go out of my sails, too, when I saw my grandson's first semester grades

Terri D said...

I need to start doing this Meme. Good answers!