friday 5

Home Is Where the Hearth Is

  1. What is your approach to dealing with (or preventing) clutter?
  2. I don't have an approach
  3. What kinds of (tangible) things do you seem to have an unreasonable time letting go of?
  4. empty boxes
  5. If you could start completely over with your existing living space (and money were only a slight limitation), how would you make it more suited to you and your lifestyle?
  6. it would be nice to have new furniture that matches, and a new bed would be good
  7. How many standalone small kitchen appliances do you own, and how many do you use regularly?
  8. 14 and I use 2 regularly
  9. What does your current living space really need more of?
  10. it needs LESS clutter!

1 comment:

Paula said...

I have a problem with empty boxes too. I have been filling them up with kitchen clutter lately to take to the Goodwill. If I could do anything to my house and money wasn't a problem I would put in hardwood floors. Oh that would be wonderful!!