writing matters

I've been fighting with my students this past week to keep them working. All they want to do is watch fun movies and videos and play reindeer games--anything but their assignments. One conversation we had about their in class writing assignments dealt with their laziness in writing. I explained about different jobs and different types of writing they will have to do professionally. I can't think of a profession in which there is NO writing. Grammarly recently got in touch with me to promote their Grammar Check and I've had fun using it.

I shared this infographic with my classes, too:

Currently Grammar Check works with Chrome.


Unknown said...

Good for you! It's amazing how little young people think of the basic task - if not art - or writing.

Lisa said...

I'm finding that writing skills are a MUST if you on an on-line business and sales/marketing writing is very different than blogging or even writing a thesis. If you have a good foundation, the rest will come easily. If not, things can get exponentially more difficult. Glad you are helping your students see how important this skill is. (