just one of the chorus

Today's prompt: Today is World Choral Day. Are you a singer, or do you prefer to listen to others sing? What was your most memorable choral experience?

All through school I belonged to choral groups. I even sang in a community group until my schedule conflicted with the rehearsal schedule. I forget how much I love to sing--how it fills my whole body with air and vibrations. I actually missed my high school senior prom to attend the state's All-State Music Festival. There were four or five of us seniors that chose the festival over the prom, but we made it a great trip anyhow. Vocal ensemble in college was not only an easy credit, it was a good break in the academics to relax and have some fun. We sang quite a few madrigals and other challenging songs, some of which were arranged by the director.

And my favorite part of the holiday season is the family sing-a-long holiday party that my dad hosts! Last year we didn't have it because of all the schedule conflicts (due to weather) and I was so sad.


Sherck said...

It's a shame I didn't look at the suggested prompt before posting today, because this one's right up my alley.

I didn't have to choose between the all-state choir and anything else, but I did love singing all through college: our choir rehearsed at noon five days a week, and it was fantastic to have that break in the middle of each day. Choir tour for 10 or 11 days over spring break was always a great experience too!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great experience, despite missing prom!