friday 5

  1. Ad infinitum is Latin for “to forever.” What’s something in your life that continues ad infinitum?
  2. the clutter issue
  3. What’s something (mostly) only fellow alumni know about one of your alma maters?
  4. the school song!
  5. In what way did you carpe diem today (or yesterday, if you’re doing this early)?
  6. I set up my BlueRay player and can now stream Netflix on my TV
  7. In flagrante delicto means “in a blazing wrong” or “while the crime is blazing.” What’s something you remember being caught red-handed perpetrating?
  8. I was doing an operatic lip sync of some Christmas carols yesterday and my dad caught me
  9. What is so far your magnum opus (great work; masterpiece)?
  10. I knitted Christmas gifts for everyone!

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