I am grateful for the scent of puppies and babies. I am thankful for the scent of baking bread, cookies, and cake. I am thankful for the scent of brewing coffee. I am thankful for the scent of flowers. I am thankful for the scent of autumn. I am thankful for the signature scent of my perfume, how it combines with my natural body oils to make it mine.

I am thankful that the scent of cloves takes me back to when my mum was alive. Or Merle Norman cosmetics, they take me back then, too.

I am not terribly thankful for the funky body odors of teenage boys.


Paula said...

Your last line cracked me up....I didn't mention any funky smells in my post. But you couldn't be more right. And yes, I forgot all about coffee...that is the smell I wait for every single day

Unknown said...

That last line was too funny! It's nice that the scent of clothes and cosmetics reminds you of your mum.

Lisa G said...

Do you remember the scent of Emeraude? I will forever associate it with my Grandmother. The scent that "takes me back" is Gardenias. We had a row of them under my window as a kid. In the humid night air it was like being surrounded by perfume.