I'm just returning home from Knit Night. This newest hobby of mine has served me well--I joined the group after reading a book that made knitting sound like just what I needed: a creative outlet and a new way to socialize. The community of knitters accepted me and I fit right in. I don't remember not knitting. I can't post photos right now because I've been doing my gift knitting. No spoilers!

Another hobby is reading. I talk about books with everybody. I'm a life-long reader. I read daily. I read anything. Cereal boxes, the phone book (back when it had interesting factoids in it), the dictionary, encyclopedias, you name it, I read it. I made the transition from physical books to Nook books and I find I read faster and retain what I've read better. I'm not sure the neuroscience behind it but I know it exists.

I am grateful for hobbies that engage me and challenge me. I'm grateful for the friendships I've made through both hobbies, too.


Paula said...

I envy your love of knitting. My mother was quite the knitter. It brought her much comfort and peace. I read everything too! Lots of medical books throughout my lifetime. Long before I decided to become a nurse

Lisa G said...

I wish I could knit. Maybe someday I'll get the patience and lose the perfectionism that it hard for me to create anything. I love that you read cereal boxes-I did the same. And phonebooks, and the dictionary, and encyclopedias. Everything, anything. So much to read, so little time.