can you feel the love


Something am filled with love when I talk about my dad. I'm a Daddy's Girl. Our relationship has morphed over the years to almost a mother-daughter relationship, but I like to think of it as a friendship kind of relationship. And now, as we get older, I find myself occasionally in a caretaker position. But really, when I talk about my dad, I get kind of gushy. It's because he's beloved in the community and well-known around the state (actually, around New England) and people speak fondly about him. I joke about his daily emails with my students, but they all know how much it means to me to get even the silliest forwards.

I know I'm filled with love about my sisters, and their families, too. But there's something special about Dad.


Paula said...

You are very lucky to have this relationship with your dad. Cherish it!!

Unknown said...

That's a great relationship!