ten things tuesday

Linking up with Ten On Tuesday this week.

This week's topic is 10 Things You Feel Good About Right Now.

1) I feel good about my reading goal for the year--I think I can hit 60 books.

2) I feel good about my Christmas knitting. I'm finished my main gifts and am working on some backups.

3) I feel good about voting. I cast my ballot today. I like that option because going to the polling place makes me very anxious. But I still want to vote.

4) I feel good about ending this ranking period and starting fresh for the second quarter. I am aware of my weaknesses and mistakes and am ready to make the changes I need to be a better, more efficient teacher.

5) I feel good about my book group's selection of books for the year. Variety!

6) I feel good about taking care of my landline phone issues.

7) I feel good about my upcoming Gratitude Challenge. I don't want to slip into a funk and an attitude of gratitude will help.

8) I feel good about the Westknits Knit Along I joined. Even though I won't actually knit along, I'll start it after the holidays. But I'm pleased with the yarn I picked out.

9) I feel good about my family. And my friends. I love how technology has allowed us to keep in touch. And I'm getting better at texting!

10) I feel good about my birthday tomorrow. This year is special but NEXT year will be major!


Paula said...

Ah a special birthday....Happy Birthday to you tomorrow. And many, many more

A Day in the Life on the Farm said...

Happy Birthday!!

Bonny said...

These are all good things, and I hope your birthday is the best! Happy Birthday!