sunday stealing

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Sunday Stealing: Let's Talk Travel Meme

Ok let’s talk travel, do you like to travel? I do, but I hate the hassle of flying now

Where have you been? Ireland, England, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Monaco, Aruba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela, Canada; in the US: California, Nevada, all of the Eastern Seaboard

Next place you want to go? I'd love to go back to Ireland, and I want to see Italy and Germany

What is something you MUST take with you when you travel? comfortable shoes

How do you like to travel? (mode of transportation) I like driving, trains, and flying (except the aforementioned hassles of flying)

With someone, or alone? doesn't matter, I'm a pretty chill traveler

Do you dance in your car when there are other people with you? yes

If you're quiet what does it mean? nothing

Favorite scent? puppies, babies, baking (bread, cookies, cake), coffee

Favorite store? today I'll answer Target

Say you wanted coffee.. what kind is your favorite? Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee

Favorite kind of pizza? there's a little place down the street from me called The Pizza Box that I like

Do you get embarrassed easily? yes

Do you mind people asking you personal questions? not really, I don't necessarily answer them

You have a tank of gas, $50, and the day off… what do you do? drive!

Favorite tv show? this season it's Gracepoint

Song you turn the volume up all the way to listen to? No More Drama by Mary J. Blige and most funk

Something you keep in your car? jumper cables... dental floss

Highlight of your day? waking up without the alarm

Something you do everyday that you wish you didn’t have to do? wash my hair

Do you mind if people just show up at your house unannounced? oh lord, how I hate this. Hate isn't a strong enough word!

What do you do when you disagree with someone? listen

Do you enjoy rain? if it's not pelting

Who’s your favorite person in the whole world… besides me? Maggie, hey, dogs are people, too!


CountryDew said...

In my childhood, people always showed up unannounced, usually on Sunday afternoons. It was kind of expected that somebody would be knocking on the door. But we don't do that as a society these days. I think we've lost something in that.

I am Harriet said...

Flying can be a hassle. Sometimes, I just have to hold my breath and remember that I'm saving so much time by not driving.

Linda said...

I am really enjoying Gracepoint also!

Linda in VA

zippiknits...sometimes said...

And why not dance in the car? Once, when the twins were mad, wild little women of 17, they were sitting in the back of the Astrovan, in the way back seat, against the doors. AC-DC came on the radio, I turned it way up, and they started dancing in their belts.

They had this long, long flaming red hair and it looked like a whirlwind back there. They got the van rockin' out so heavily that it was hard to drive (just a bit). Fun times.

Stacy said...

That's quite a travel list you've amassed. I hope to do more traveling before I croak, but the overseas stuff may remain a dream forever if the world doesn't improve. :(

I got a chuckle out of your last answer about the dog. I agree. I'd have put mine but my sister-in-law reads the blog and would want to know why I didn't say it was her brother. He's up there, but the dogs NEVER annoy me. lol

Paula said...

jumper cables and dental floss...what a combo!