saturday 9

Moon River

1) This song is featured in a Dove candy bar commercial. What's your favorite way to enjoy chocolate (cookie, candy bar, ice cream, hot cocoa, etc.)? I love chocolate in all its forms--lately I've been wanting hot chocolate

2) It was originally written for the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's. Where's the best place to eat breakfast in your neighborhood? I love the coffee shop at the Sidewalk Cafe

3) Were you able to see the moon last night? no, it was raining

4) When Andy Williams' show was first telecast in color, viewers commented on how very blue his eyes were. What's the first thing you notice about a person? usually their presence or how they carry themselves

5) The Andy Williams Show gave the Osmond Brothers their first national exposure. When younger sister Marie joined the act, she made her debut on his show, as well. Let's say you have just been bumped up to first-class for a three hour flight. Which Osmond would you prefer as your seatmate, Donny or Marie? Either one would be interesting, although I doubt they'd be chatty

6) Even though Andy was a millionaire many times over, he was still careful with money, once saying he would never pay more than $50 for a haircut. This leaves Sam shaking her head, because she spares no expense when it comes to her hair. What's something you splurge on? electronics

7) Andy's Moon River Theater still draws tourists to Branson, MO. Have you ever been to the Ozarks? no, it's not on my bucket list, either, but I know some people who've been there regularly for vacations and love it

8) Andy had a discerning eye for Native American art. His collection of Navajo rugs was sold at auction for nearly $1,000,000. Have you ever bid on an auction? not anything other than eBay--and not seriously

9) Andy told an interviewer that his earliest memory was hiding from a storm in the cellar of his family's Iowa home. What's your earliest memory? I remember one Saturday afternoon sitting in the sun with my mother, she was combing or braiding my hair


zippiknits...sometimes said...

So Lucky! You got rain! And that is such a lovely memory of your mother brushing your hair.

Anonymous said...

actually, i think both donny and marie would be VERY chatty. i don't know, they just strike me as chatty people. like no fear of talking to whoever is sitting next to them. haha not like i know them personally but that's just the vibe i get from them.

oh and you just sparked another memory with your hair-combing memory! i remember my mom brushing my hair, too, but it was more of a crying experience for me because i had so many tangles, and she would sit and use the detangler and curse my tangled mess of hair! :P she was always threatening to cut it because it would get so tangled!

Paula said...

I love, love, love Lindor chocolate truffles and the white chocolates ones are to die for!!!

CountryDew said...

I like your memory.

I am Harriet said...

I think that I did the eBay auction once or twice. That was before I learned that you could 'buy it now'

The Gal Herself said...

What a lovely memory! I had a bet w/myself that you'd say you splurge on yarn.