halloween meme

1. Have you ever thrown a Halloween party? my family used to when I was a little girl, I remember how much fun they were

2. Have you ever bobbed for apples? I have

3. Have you ever won a Halloween costume contest? I have! We got pumpkins for winning.

4. Do you watch scary movies during the month of October? I don't like slasher films, they aren't scary to me; but I did see the Amityville Horror--that movie was SCARY!!!!!

5. Ever go into a graveyard on Halloween night? no

6. Do you believe in ghosts? no, I don't

7. Favorite Halloween song: The Monster Mash

8. Do you believe in witchcraft? not as such

9. How about black magic? not really

10. Do you have any expensive Halloween props, if so, what are they? I bought some pumpkins for the porch

11. Ever been in a real haunted house? yes, it wasn't spooky, it was creepy

12. Ever been into a fake haunted house? I have!

13. Is Halloween your favorite holiday? one of them

14. Favorite Halloween candy? snickers

15. Worst Halloween candy? I don't remember what they're called but they're molasses candies wrapped in orange and black

16. Have you ever been on a haunted hayride? no, and the one I was planning to go on this year was canceled because of the weather

17. Do you carve pumpkins? no

18. Ever watch the original Headless Horseman? not that I can remember

19. Do you ever try to scare trick or treaters? no

20. Ever T.P. a house? I did--but it wasn't Halloween!

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Paula said...

How fun these questions and answers are! I'm not into slasher movies either....but I have nominated you for a Leibster Award. I hope you'll find it fun as well. Come over to my blog and claim your prize!