friday five

  1. How many of those frequent buyer stamp-cards are you carrying around, and which promises the best reward upon completion?
  2. one
  3. How many of those magnetic-stripped discount cards are you carrying around, and which offers the best rewards?
  4. one
  5. How many other people’s business cards do you carry around, and which do you refer to most?
  6. I have a few that are appointment cards on the other side--my massage therapist and my manicurist and my mammogram
  7. How far away from you is the nearest deck of playing cards?
  8. closer than a foot, they're in the top desk drawer
  9. How many identification cards with your photo do you carry around?
  10. just one

1 comment:

Paula said...

It sounds like you are not into those discount cards much. Me either. I have the one for the grocery store and that's it. What I don't understand is why they just don't make that the price for everyone because everyone has a card and cut out the BS