ten things tuesday

Ten random things:

1) I finished watching the finale of True Blood. I like that it wrapped up all the story lines and projected into the characters' futures.

2) It occurred to me that I watch and re-watch tv shows just to have something on in the background a lot.

3) Good manners are so critical!

4) It is so humid! My hair to my toes is retaining fluid and puffy.

5) A headlight is out on my car. I hope it isn't too expensive and doesn't take too long.

6) The AP Psych kids got a whopper of an assignment today. Do I feel guilty? Nope.

7) I had a heck of a time finding "fun size" packs of M&Ms to do the statistics analysis as a demo for Psych. Finally found some at Rite Aid.

8) I've already written three letters of recommendation--one for a job, one for an arts academy, and finally a college recommendation.

9) I don't know of a subtle way to tell the seniors that they should give a token gift/thank you to people who write letters for them. I don't want to seem greedy but I do want to teach them etiquette.

10) I'm tired of the streets around town being torn up. I can't see that they're making any progress on their projects.


A Day in the Life on the Farm said...

Why don't you make a 10 things list. 10 Things every senior needs to know.
Include it on that and pass it out to all the seniors in the school. Other teachers would probably appreciate it also and you would be doing a good service to your students.

Paula said...

Great idea from Wendy! I would love to take your Psych class. I just bought a BIG bag of fun size M&M's. All the Halloween candy is out at our supermarket