saturday 9

A Day In The Life

1) According to Rolling Stone, this is the greatest Beatle song of all. What's your favorite Beatle song? I'm fond of so many songs! I don't know if I can pick a favorite overall... maybe "Yesterday" or "The Long And Winding Road"... gah!

2) "A Day in the Life" took 5 days to record. Looking back on the last five days, what did you accomplish? very little, although I did go on a road trip to Central Maine for some shopping (I didn't dare to admit it was Christmas shopping but it was)

3) This song is the highlight of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band, the first album released after the Beatles gave up touring. Critics predicted that, when they abandoned live concerts, their creativity would wane. Obviously this wasn't the case. When has someone underestimated you? oh, I think my students underestimate me all the time--they think that because I'm a teacher it's all I've ever done in my life and such set expectations for what a teacher should be like (and I'm not like their expectations most of the time)

4) The song says our hero "woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head." How is your hair right now? Are you prepared to go out and face the world? I'm having a pretty good hair day.

5) The lyrics tell us he had to hurry to catch the bus to work. When is the last time you rode public transportation? we don't have public transport around here, so.... gosh, I can't think of the last time

6) "A Day in the Life" was a true Lennon-McCartney collaboration. Conventional wisdom is that Paul is easy going while John was edgy. Is your temperament more Lennon or McCartney? I like to think I'm easy going but I think I might be more intense than I think I am

7) "A Day in the Life" came out five years after the Beatles replaced their drummer. Taking over for Pete Best was undoubtedly the biggest break of Ringo Starr's career. Tell us about a time when fortune smiled on you. yesterday, while shopping in Central Maine, I had a shopping coup! Double membership discounts at a couple places.

8) It would be hard to overestimate the Beatles' impact on popular culture. Their story and music have inspired a Broadway musical, a Las Vegas show, two movies and, according to Amazon, 900+ books. What's the most recent biography you read? I read an autobiography recently called Spygirl

9) The Beatles are an ongoing boon to England's tourism industry. Fans from all over the world visit Liverpool each year to see where the Beatles grew up and got their start. If you won a trip to England, tell us what you'd like to see. I'd like to go everywhere!


CountryDew said...

Shopping coups are great!

Anonymous said...

i never thought of students underestimating the teacher. i wonder if mine do? maybe it's different for younger kids.

I am Harriet said...

My deepest sympathies are with you on this sad sad day...... ;(
I happen to know for a fact that George liked you before he took up with her :)

The Gal Herself said...

Don't be embarrassed about your Christmas shopping! I think all the best people start early. I do it all year around.