saturday 9


1) The lyrics begin with Katy singing about when she used to "hold her tongue." Tell us about a time when you didn't speak up, but wish you had.
at the beginning of this school year I was not consulted about a scheduling change and that left me feeling powerless and frustrated

2) The lyrics mention both lions and tigers. In addition to the big cats, the video shows a monkey and an elephant. If we were going to the zoo today, which animal would you want to see first? Giraffes or hippos

3) Lions and tigers are carnivores. If we were having steak for dinner, would you order it rare, medium or well done? medium rare

4) Lots of photos are snapped at the zoo. Did you take your last picture with a camera or with your phone? my phone

5) The "Roar" video takes place in the jungle. The average temperature all year around in the rainforest is a humid 80º. The typical September day in Juneau is 49º, dry and sunny. Which sounds more comfortable? Juneau

6) In her youth, Katy took dance lessons at the local recreation hall in Santa Barbara. Crazy Sam took tap dance lessons as a girl, too. What about you? Were you sent off to dance class? Music lessons? Art class? dear god, I was forced to take gymnastics and dance--I passionately hated both

7) Katy recently passed Justin Bieber as the most followed person on Twitter. What's the last message you re-tweeted? I know it was about Big Brother 16 being almost boring this season

8) Congratulations! You just won the lottery! Do you want it in a lump sum, or would you prefer payments over the next 25 years? if it's a huge payout: over 25 years; if it's a smallish payout: lump sum

9) Did you get 8 hours sleep last night? no and I shall make up for it by napping


Cat. said...

I forgot giraffes! I do love watching them--they are so graceful in all their movements, exactly the opposite of me. ;-)

The Gal Herself said...

I do so love fantasizing about the lottery.

Unknown said...

Enjoy napping today! What a great feeling when you can do that. :-)

Anonymous said...

napping is always great! hope you have a nice one! :)

CountryDew said...

We answered the same on the lottery. Wouldn't it be nice to win? I'd even be happy with a 5 number pay-out.

Paula said...

I am enjoying the 'boring-ness' of Big Brother this season. Last season was just way too much for this old lady!

Unknown said...

Have a great nap! I will be jealous :D

zippiknits...sometimes said...

Whispers... Hope that you are having a nice nap, but I guess it's almost dinner time where you are.

Diana_CT said...

I also napped this afternoon, but it just doesn't seem to make up for the lost sleep.

I am Harriet said...

I hate that work drama. What would have been the big deal about letting you in on whatever it was?