friday 5

  1. Where and how did you learn to swim?
  2. my sisters and I took swim lessons from the community's recreation center summer classes at the outdoor public pool
  3. How far away is the nearest swimmable body of fresh water, and how’s the swimming there?
  4. hmmm, there are a couple of nice lakes about a half-hour drive from here--they're popular for swimming, water skiing, and other recreations
  5. How long has it been since you’ve been for a swim?
  6. more than five years
  7. What’s the nearest community swimming pool like?
  8. it's at the local university and I've never been, so I assume it's nice but I don't know... my town is building a new community center that is going to include a new outdoor pool
  9. What experience do you have with jumping off stuff and into water?
  10. just the wharf or the diving boards, nothing too outrageous or adventurous

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