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How much do you visualize when you read? Do you imagine faces for the characters? Can you see the locations in your mind’s eye? Or do you just plunge ahead with the story, letting the imagery fall to the wayside? From the archives.

I visualize quite a bit when I read. Sometimes it's like a movie (and then I spend time casting it). I see colors and scenery and imagine the setting in my mind's eye. It is partly why I don't really enjoy science fiction--it's too difficult for me to imagine, I have no point of reference for the settings.

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Lisa G said...

I find it so interesting how different people's minds work. You know I love sci-fi and fantasy, and when I'm reading it, I am THERE. That's why I love world-building type novels like Dune, or A Game of Thrones. The authors are so brilliant that they create a world that I'm able to visualize in my head. Fascinating stuff, right?