ten things tuesday

Linking up with Ten On Tuesday this week.

This week's topic is 10 Patterns You Could Knit Again . . . and again and again!

1) Lately I've been knitting the Gallatin Scarf to kick off my holiday knitting. I've made three so far and plan on a few more. Love the pattern.

2) My go-to hat when students request one is the Quick & Easy Beanie. I think the whole basketball team got them last year.

3) I've made so many of these Star Crossed Slouchy Beret that I can't even keep track anymore. I love it!

4) I knit several chemo hats for one of my very dear friends who is going through treatment, and fell in love with the My Hat Of Choice by Amanda Soule.

5) For charity hat knitting, I love The Amazing Fit Anyone Hat.

6) I've made a couple sets of placemats and dish cloths for newlyweds that were well-received.

7) And the Gap-tastic cowl is probably the pattern I've made most--such a quick and easy gift!

8) Another fun charity auction knit was Mark's Cabled iPad Cozy. I've made several of these with and without the handles.

9) The Fisher Cable Hat is one I discovered last winter and I had the perfect tweed to use. It is a great pattern.

10) This tote was a good gift. I forgot how many of them I knit.


Donna said...

Great list. I never thought of place mats and napkins for a wedding gift. What a great idea!

Unknown said...

Will have to bookmark some of those hats. Love the choices.

dianne said...

I love the iPad Cozy!

Rachel Slote-Brown said...

Great list. I added several things to my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Nice tote, added to my list