sunday stealing

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Sunday Stealing: Summer Meme

Favorite summer flower: I think a stargazer lilly is nice

Flavor of ice cream: lately it's been Ben & Jerry's "Hazed & Confused"

Mode of transportation: nothing like a nice drive

Music: The soundtrack of my summer this year is Sam Smith's "In The Lonely Hour"

Food: salad

Favorite game to play: bocce

Earliest childhood summer memory: slipping through the grass with my sisters when we run through the sprinkler

Favorite Drink: an Arnie Palmer (lemonade and iced tea)

Favorite Snack: cucumber slices

Place to read: on the porch

Most annoying: humidity!!!!!

How I handle the heat: whining... or sleeping

Pet Peeve: 90+ degrees

All-time favorite bathing suit: a shirred black one piece

Best Time of Day: whenever it's not too hot

Most romantic: stargazing at night

Summer movie: Four Weddings And A Funeral


zippiknits...sometimes said...

Stargazer Lilies are gorgeous. I forgot about them. Killer scent, too!

Shirred, that's the word. Couldn't remember that. And Lordie, the heat is misery. *nods*

The Gal Herself said...

Cucumber slices, lightly salted. I haven't had those in AGES! Thanks for the reminder.

Unknown said...

Stargazers are actually my favorite flower for the scent. They smell so good. I like fresh cucumbers from my garden. They are the best. I have never tried an Arnold Palmer but I want to. They sound interesting.

Stacy said...

I live in Arnold Palmer's hometown and just had my first Arnold Palmer a couple of months ago...not a fan. However, I will sit and eat a pile of cucumber slices as a snack. :)